Competence & Innovation

Nordisk Aluminat A/S is a manufactoring company founded in 1991, dedicated to developing and producing high performance functional aluminates, poly aluminium chlorides and calcium magnesium acetat. Our product range covers applications within wastewater treatment systems, concrete and paper pulp sectors, winter maintenance and dust particle management.

Municipal Water Treatment

Aluminium based flocculants are widely used in wastewater and municipal water treatment plants, and increasingly becoming a more and more popular choice.

Industrial Water Treatment

Nordisk Aluminat A/S offers a range of flocculants used for industrial processes and water treatment.

Concrete Admixtures

Mining and tunnel construction, requires fast accelerating admixtures. Nordisk Aluminat A/S’ accelerating admixtures comply EN standards.

Winter Maintenance

ICE & DUST-AWAY is an effective and easy biodegradable liquid product that is proven, and holds the EU ECO-LABEL.

Particulate Air Pollution

Air pollution is becoming an increasingly significant problem in major cities. Nordisk Aluminat A/S offers a well documentet solution with immediate effect in particle (PM) reductions by up to 10-15%.